Oxfor Ghost Tour

Considering a visit to Oxfordshire and you have have not already found your B&B in Oxford, you might be missing out on the fright of your life!

For you horror film fanatics, Oxford has taken the scare factor to a whole new level! Get yourself off that sofa and from behind your blanket and really test your courage in real horror stories. Oxford famous for its walking tours, has really added a new alternative, of course those not too faint hearted!

Oxford Ghost Tour

Oxford Ghost Tours spoil with their tours taking you to some of the more well known attractions Oxford has to offer, such as: Oriel College, Radcliffe Camera and the Bridge of Sighs. The tour also exclusively shows you the famous ‘Maroon Jaguar’ of Inspector Morse for you detective lovers.

The tours have gained massive publicity, which in turn has made it a more popular attraction for locals and tourists to the area. Dont miss you chance!

Visit The Oldest Botanic Garden In Britain

Those of you who’ve booked yourself a stay in a bed and breakfast in Oxford over the next couple of weeks might want to make their way to the city’s Botanic Garden, the oldest of its kind in Britain.

Established way back in 1621, the garden is home to countless herbaceous borders and stunning glasshouses that are just ripe for exploration – perfect if you love the great outdoors and want to see what Oxford has to offer in this regard.

There are seven display glasshouses to have a look around, with plants cultivated from all over the world. For example, there is the Palm House where you can find oranges, cocoa, vanilla and bananas, while the Lily House is home to a tropical water lily pond.

This latter glasshouse was built in 1851, constructed purposefully so that the giant amazon waterlily Victoria amazonica would be able to grow. If you want to see some seriously beautiful flowers, this would be a great place to pop in and visit.

As for the gardens, there is the Walled and Lower gardens to explore. The latter boasts a vegetable collection, autumn border, rock garden and herbaceous border, while the Walled Garden houses more scientific collections such as the 1648 collection and the medicinal collection.

There is also a bog garden where plants that need damper conditions can be found. If you can’t get enough of flowers and general shrubbery, you’re sure to have a wonderful time if you spend a few hours in the Botanic Garden so make sure you include it in your itineraries.

Oxford’s Train Delay Woes For Commuters

If you’re a commuter into Oxford, you’ll already know the pros and cons of travelling into the city for work, but have you considered the cheap bed and breakfasts Oxford has to offer as an alternative?

Oxford has a reputation for being an expensive place to stay, however once you discover what’s on offer from Abodes of Oxford, it might just open your eyes to a different way to work in Oxford during the week.

Yes, rail fares are also expensive, but there’s an even bigger expense that commuting every day is having on those of us in the modern world – and that’s our time.

A new set of figures from The Open Data Institute reported by the Oxford Mail has found that the city is the sixth worst place in the country for morning rail delays.

The data shows that 56 per cent of trains during the three hour morning period are delayed on average, and while the average delay time may only be 2.44 minutes, it all stacks up. That’s 12 and a half minutes per week, or just over 10 hours a year you could have spent doing something more useful than standing out in the cold.

Here at Abodes of Oxford, we see a lot of commuters who stay in Oxford from Monday to Friday when necessary and head back home at the weekend. If you’ve got a long way to travel for work or study, it’s the perfect solution to making 10 tedious train journeys a week, and you’re sure to be surprised with how much you’ll save.

5 Top Oxford Attractions

There’s much to see and do from cheap bed and breakfasts in Oxford – so much so in fact that you’ll have a hard time deciding what to get up to first. Here are five of our top picks of attractions in Oxford to help you make up your mind.

Climb a tower

Oxford is famed for its beautiful spires – it’s not known as the City of Dreaming Spires for nothing, you know. You can climb experience some for yourself at St Mary the Virgin Church on High Street or St Michael at the North Gate Church on Cornmarket Street. This is also the oldest church tower in the city.

Visit the Covered Market

This market first opened in 1774 and is a must for first-time visitors to Oxford. Leave your Oxford B&B and head over – you’ll find vegetables, fresh fruit, cakes, cheeses, meat, seafood, flowers, clothing, gifts… everything you could ever want from a market, really.

Go on a movie tour

Many locations in Oxford have been used for blockbuster films like Harry Potter, The Golden Compass, The Riot Club and more. Inspector Morse was also filmed here so you’re sure to see streets and landmarks you recognise.

Go on the river

Punting is a proper Oxford pastime and one not to be missed, no matter what time of year it is. If the sun shines, get yourself on a boat.

Visit a university college

Many of the colleges at Oxford are open to visitors and they’re well worth popping in. You’ll get a real feel for the history of the city.

See The Fabric Of Oxford This December

Here’s something you might want to check out if you’ve booked a stay in an Oxford bed and breakfast for this December – a new exhibition at the Museum of Oxford that will showcase The Fabric of Oxford, an exploration of the city using sound recordings, collected fabrics and interviews.

Put together by Dr Felicity Ford, the work will form part of the 40th anniversary celebrations for the museum, with textiles collected from a wide variety of groups, including Oxford Roller Derby, the Oxford Mail reports.

Dr Ford explained that by focusing on fabric and textiles she is able to convey a really “personal and intimate portrait” of Oxford.

“There is a lot of politics about what the [roller derby] group should wear. Some want to wear serious sports kit and some want to wear fishnets and hotpants! So I’ve recorded them talking about the politics of it all and also the fun sounds of roller derby practice,” she continued.

If you’re in Oxford enjoying a stay in a guest house at the moment and are wondering what the museum has to offer, check out its website to see what exhibitions are on now. All exhibitions are free to enter and there are also lots of permanent collections to peruse at your leisure, including Explore Oxford, which tells the story of the city and its people.

Whatever you get up to in Oxford you’re sure to have a great time but we really would recommend paying the museum a visit before you go home.

Great Day Out: Cogges Manor Farm Museum

Here’s something that’ll be fun for all the family after you’ve booked a stay in a cheap B and B in Oxford – a trip to Cogges Manor Farm Museum, a beautiful house in the countryside that shows exactly what life would have been like in Victorian times.

Costumed staff can be found in the kitchen, preparing meals on the original range every Saturday, Sunday and on Bank Holidays, and visitors can even have a go at some dressing up themselves, trying on costumes from times gone by. And if you make your way to the sitting room you can play some board games and learn even more about the local history.

Youngsters in particular will love the fact that there are animals roaming about the grounds. They can pick up some vegetables from reception and head out to feed the livestock between Tuesday and Sunday, and on bank Holidays. There are pygmy goats, Oxford Sandy and Black pigs, chickens, ducks, Shetland ponies, sheep, rabbits and guinea pigs.

The manor farm was bought by Oxfordshire County Council in 1974 and converted it into a museum in 1979.

There are also more than 15 acres of beautiful grounds just ripe for exploration for those enjoying a holiday in Oxford, with lawns, walled gardens, a moat, islands and an orchard. You can even take home seasonal vegetables and have a game of croquet on the lawn in the summer. During the warmer months there is an open air theatre that’s a must if you’re in Oxford at this time of year.

Rents See Monthly Rise of 0.7%: Could B&Bs Be A Cheaper Alternative?

More people may be considering looking for bed and breakfasts in Oxford after it was revealed that the cost of renting is increasing by 0.7 per cent per month.

This is according to Landbay’s Rental Index for October 2015, released earlier this week. It reported that UK rents rose to £1,294 on average last month, having increased by 3.8 per cent from the previous October.

Normally autumn sees a slowdown in the rental market following increased demand for places to stay during the summer.

However, a spokesperson for Landbay said: “The fact that it did not happen last year and shows no signs of arriving this year demonstrates that the UK private rental sector is seeing a period of consistently high demand and an insufficient supply of properties.”

London saw the greatest rise in rental costs, growing by 4.1 per cent year-on-year to October 2015 and by 0.8 per cent last month alone.

This trend may encourage more people to seek alternative accommodation options, such as staying in a private B&B. By doing this, you get to enjoy the comfort of being in a home away from home, while not having to worry about your rents increasing exponentially.

People who have to commute long distances for work particularly find this arrangement beneficial, as they can go home for the weekend, while still having a comfortable place to stay during the week.

Oxford City Farm: Soon To Be A Reality!

While researching places to stay in Oxford, why not have a quick look at the website for Oxford City Farm, a wonderful place set to be built just off Cornwallis Road in Cowley that aims to promote sustainable living, healthier lifestyles and provide urbanites with the perfect respite from city life.

In June, the volunteers announced that they had succeeded in getting a licence to access the site so they can tend to the raised beds and trees that have already been planted.

And according to the Oxford Mail, the group is submitting a planning application to their local council this week (September 4th).

Lucie Mayer, chairwoman of the steering group, told the news source: “We’ve got all the information we need and have consulted with all the people we need to. It takes a bit longer as we’re all voluntary. We are in the very final stages of negotiating the lease as well. Then we can get on the land and have a big push for fundraising.”

She went on to say the volunteers hope they’ll be able to really start work on the farm in October and are now asking for others to come along to lend a hand and clear the site, fix fences and so on.

Oxford City Farm is also working to set up a Community Orchard in Florence Park. Back in February, local residents were getting involved in planting trees, with the organisers hoping that the orchard will create opportunities to become part of a fruit-growing network in the city.

New Tea Room Opens At Boswells Oxford

If you plan to do a spot of shopping after you’ve booked a stay in a cheap bed and breakfast in Oxford and are intending to head off to Boswells, you’ll be pleased to hear that a new 1738-themed tea room has just opened its doors to the public.

Boswells first started trading at 50 Cornmarket Street way back when in 1738 and the department store actually celebrated its 275th anniversary in couple of years ago, according to the Oxford Mail. In fact, Boswells first opened up shop some 96 years before Harrods was founded – which is really quite impressive.

Becky Jones, ecommerce manager for Boswells, explained that there will be a waitress service, food will be sourced from local suppliers and the café will strive to use British brands.

“This is something we have wanted to do for a couple of years and staff are very excited about it. We are a family-run firm and we attract a lot of families. The cafe is something we wanted to offer them – it’s another attraction at Boswells and is something customers have been asking for,” Ms Jones said.

If this doesn’t appeal and you want to find something else to do in Oxford, give us a shout here at Abodes of Oxford. We’ll be able to point you in the right direction of the kind of entertainment you’re looking for – and we can also provide you with some of the best accommodation Oxford has to offer. Give us a call today.

Oxford Loos Named England’s Best!

The public loos in Oxford have just been revealed to be the very finest in England – great news for anyone in Kennington guest houses who plan to explore the city while they’re on holiday here.

They were honoured in the 2015 Loo of the Year Awards, excellent tidings for the local council which recently sank £600,000 into their public toilets, the Daily Mirror reports.

A representative from Oxford City Council was quoted by the news source as saying: “It’s official, Oxford now has some of the best public toilets in the country. Oxford residents can now proudly say we live not only amongst the dreaming spires but also the gleaming latrines.”

If you’re planning on exploring the city centre while away it might be a good idea to have a look to see where the public toilets are so you don’t get caught short. There are plenty available so there’s no need to worry and you can download and print out a map of them all from Tour in a Day, so you know you can go anywhere and still find a loo should you need one.

Tour in a Day is actually a really useful resource as there are a huge number of maps for all sorts of different Oxford attractions that you can print out. Pub maps, museums, cafes, night clubs and the university are all catered for so perhaps start your holiday planning off using this particular website. It might help you work out what to see and do first.